In Pictures: Corfu Town, Greece

Last September I jetted off to a quaint island in Greece for 10 days and while I was very quick to post up many photos of gorgeous sea views and beautiful beaches and bays that I visited, I seemed to miss out a whole bunch of photos that I took when visiting Corfu Town.

I had previously visited Corfu Town 3 years before but I appreciated it much more this time. It was an incredibly hot day, the sun was shining down and creating a bright glow on the cobbled streets as I walked by, passing little old ladies selling crafts and jewelery, smelling fragrant olive oil soaps and fresh Greek food cooking in the nearby restaurants.

My favourite thing about Corfu Town are the buildings that make it, all of them painted in pastel pinks and sandy beige tones, all equally battered and bruised, washing strung from the windows, flower pots crowding the balconies and vines climbing up the walls.

If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend you do and I hope these photos help to paint a picture of just how lovely it is to take a stroll around Corfu Town.

For more of my travel photography, check out my Instagram.

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