In Pictures: The Stunning South Coast of Portugal 

Portugal never disappoints. How could it?! I’ve been to this delightful country four times, every time I’ve wanted to see more but three of those times I have simply returned to the same place because I adore it so much. I’m a big fan of returning to places and I will return to Carvoeiro in the Algarve until it bores me to tears (which it never will) because it’s not often you will find a place that is so beautiful and so easy to feel at home once there. And although I’ve returned a few times, I still discover new things each time I go, like the amazing hidden coves I discovered this year whilst walking the cliffs. This time around – I’m spending only five days here, just a short break with my family before we have to endure what feels like a years worth of Winter in England – I have focused on three VERY important things. I shall focus on soaking up the sun at all times, eating as many different flavour ice creams as possible and taking a LOT of photographs. Here’s just a few of them – check my Instagram for more!






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