Insta Highlights: In & Around Taormina, Sicily

Taormina – a beautiful mountain-top town and Sicily’s most popular spot for summer holidays and tourists all year round searching for a slice of Sicilian culture. From beaches to churches and hilltop views, here’s a selection of my Instagram highlights from my week of wandering in and around Taormina.

Piazza IX Aprile. The most popular square in Taormina, lined with restaurants and bars and this stunning church overlooked by mountains, making the perfect backdrop for any photo taken in the square. Behind me from the angle I took this is a beautiful view of the bay below.

Said views of bay from Piazza IX Aprile. In the day, the water is just as turquoise as it appears in this photo, in the evening the square comes alive and the terrace providing these views is crowded with people looking for photo opportunities as the bay twinkles with lights in the distance.

I found it impossible to not take photos of cacti, as they are in abundance EVERYWHERE you go in Sicily. I didn’t expect to see so many, but they’re clearly a popular symbol as you’ll see them painted on ceramics in souvenir shops all over Taormina.

As well as cacti, I have a thing for good old, battered doors! Actually this one wasn’t too battered, but it was turquoise. And there were plants. And a moped. So it seemed like it was BEGGIN’ for it’s photo to be taken.

Isola Bella is a teeny, tiny island at the bottom of Taormina, which you can reach via cable car. You can then only access Isola Bella by crossing a small break in the water when the tide is low enough. Then, at a small cost you can stroll round and climb the steps to the top of Isola Bella for all-round tropical views.

Isola Bella is a rocky-formed island with pathways and arches like this one. There was nothing particular to see through this arch but I noticed a moment where the sun beams seemed to shine down and shoot straight through those palms.

For a peaceful break away from the bustle of main town Taormina, you can wander into the public gardens for a stroll or a perch on a bench with a gelado in hand. Then you will probably come across this old rustic door. This photo combines three of my favourite things: cacti + rustic + doors. Perfect!

I couldn’t take as many photos as I would’ve liked on the day I visited the Alcantara Gorge because literally seconds after this photo was taken, a massive thunderstorm hit and we were forced to leave if we wanted to catch the only bus out of there! Still, the gorge is pretty cool and you can access the bottom to paddle in the water via a lift (or a lotta steps).

The small town of Savoca was the filming location for the Sicilian scenes in the movie, The Godfather. Yes, I did see another chance to capture some great looking cacti but the church on the hill in the background is that from the movie, where Al Pacino gets married.

Also in Savoca and extreeeemely popular is this little place, Bar Vitelli. If you want a photo, come well-prepared with some patience because tourists flock to this place and it’s tricky to get a people-less photograph. I resulted in blocking them out with my pistachio granita!

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