Insta Highlights: Best of Andalusia

This Summer took me on a mini Andalusian adventure as I hopped my way around three stunning Spanish cities: Seville, Cordoba and Granada. There were photo opp’s aplenty! So my Instagram was kept happy…

One of the first things I did in Seville was visit the Cathedral – complete with an orange tree courtyard (as seen in photo). This is the view from the Giralda (the tower of Seville Cathedral) as you ascend to the very top. My favourite of all church towers, not just for these views but for the fact that in order to reach the top you ascend not steps, but ramps! So much easier on the legs, thank you Seville Cathedral.

Real arches of the Real Alcazar of Seville! This place – stunning as it is to spend a few hours wandering – is a photographers dream thanks to all the arches and pillars perfectly framing the beautiful surroundings of the Alcazar.

If you have a thing for tiles – most specifically old, battered ones like this one, you will love meandering through the palace quarters in the Alcazar of Seville. In fact, Andalusia – particularly Seville – is famous for tiles of this kind. The amount of bubble-wrapped ceramic I carried home in my suitcase was quite worrying.

This photo was taken at around 8pm and was the hottest time I had encountered in Seville. The spray from that fountain was a very welcome treat! But seriously, you cope with the heat to stroll around the whole of Plaza de Espana because it’s so gorgeous. There’s also boats to hire if you feel like getting a bit more close with the water.

Easily a top Seville highlight for me was visiting the Metropol Parasol (aka Setas de Seville). Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect as the sun started to set and we stayed for ages, leisurely walking up and down the wooden walkway, taking in the views and admiring the amazing, modern architecture of the Parasol, against the backdrop of the historic, Moorish architecture of the buildings in the distance.

Arriving in Cordoba was a strong contrast to Seville. This photo is just one of the typical houses in the San Basilio area, a very traditional neighbourhood filled with winding streets cornered by orange trees and lined with white-washed homes that each have their own variation of coloured front doors, usually paired with blue plant pots (symbolic of Cordoba).

More blue plant pots. They really are all over Cordoba. This statue can be found in the streets of San Basilio and is tribute to the art of patio-decorating that Cordoba is famous for (and seems to take very seriously). You can purchase tickets to view patios around Cordoba and in May, a patio festival is held where you can wander around locals courtyards to admire their patios for free.

Another day, another Alcazar – this time the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos in Cordoba. This one is on a much smaller scale than Seville’s Alcazar. There is something less commercialized about it and slightly more authentic. This photo of the pristine gardens was taken above in the fort.

Another beautiful feature of Cordoba is the Roman Bridge. My favourite time to see the bridge was sunset, when the streets were quieter and the air was cooling ever so slightly. I was lucky enough to take this photo with these beautiful skies on our last night.

A visit to Granada wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Albayzin quarter. Winding roads, up and down hills with pretty houses and picturesque views of the Sierra Nevada mountains as well as some amazing viewpoints of the Alhambra.

Throughout Granada (particularly Albayzin) are narrow, touristic streets, lined either side with market-style shops selling a mix of Spanish and Arabic-influenced souvenirs. Expect Turkish lamps, pottery, jewellery, patterned tiles and textiles.

The showstopper of Granada – and of Andalucia – is the Alhambra, a UNESCO world heritage site comprising of magnificent Moorish palaces and the Generalife gardens.

One final shot to showcase just one of the stunning star-shaped ceilings in the Alhambra palaces. I could stare for hours taking in all the details of these masterpieces.

For more photos from my travels, take a look at my Instagram!

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