The Best of Byron Bay’s Sweet Treats

Byron Bay has a lot of things to love all at once. It’s got the beaches, it’s got the food and nightlife, it’s got the people and the street buskers and the markets and once you add it all together, it’s just got this incredibly infectious vibe.

It didn’t take me long (within 5 minutes departing my hostel) to notice the wide variety of cafes Byron beholds. They’re all delicious in how they look and what they serve! I took on the challenge of trying over 10 places during my time in Byron to bring awareness to its frequent herds of visitors craving something sweet (it was my pleasure, don’t worry).

If you’ve done your research on Byron cafes already – this article does not include the top spots such as Folk, Bayleaf, Laneway or Combi but gives the other guys a look in! Don’t always opt for the one’s that everyone else is going to! She says whilst beginning the list with one of the most popular places in Byron Bay…

Byron Fresh Café

Easily one of, if not the most busiest and bustling café in town. As much as the menu is a delight to peruse, my eyes had already caught the in-house bakery and love at first sight ensued. I opted for a light breakfast of the chocolate almond croissant and an iced caramel latte – incidentally two of my favourite things in the whole world. And Byron Fresh didn’t disappoint. The croissant was warmed up for me and required a fork to eat (that’s a good thing).


Twisted Sista

God I wish I tried this place more than once. I’ll confess I originally visited hoping for a slice of their baklava cheesecake I had spotted on Instagram but it was nowhere to be seen! So my second option (although it took some time to decide) was the banana bread. Quite possibly the best banana bread I am yet to try on the East Coast – a massive slice toasted and topped with strawbs and a generous helping of maple pecan butter!


In the Pink Gelati

On Jonson Street, you’ll spot In the Pink from the queues if nothing else! The ice cream variety is almost as huge as the scoops and the toppings in the scoops are very generous. Order peanut butter? Expect a whole load of peanuts. Order cookies and cream? You might just have an entire cookie in there! No one likes an ice cream place that skimps on the ingredients. This is the opposite!


I treated myself to Boxing Day pancakes in Bagus. It was one of the pricier options of café’s but seeing as it was the festive season, I didn’t give a damn! It’s on Bay Street opposite Main Beach with a cool little vibe, decent soundtrack, cushions and hanging plants. This is their vanilla pancakes with coconut ice cream, berry compote, caramelized bananas and crushed hazelnuts. A DREAM.


Sunday Sustainable Café

This café stood out to me as I strolled by on Jonson Street one sunny afternoon in need of some sugar. They have a tasty menu but are largely popular for the bakery. Again, it was tough decision-making but seeing as almond croissants hadn’t let me down so far, I opted for another with a nice refreshing cuppa. I tore the croissant in half and it fell apart beautifully, the inside packed with gooey almond, the outside crisp and flaky. I’m no croissant connoisseur – CROISSEUR, if you will – but this was perfection on a plate.


Sweet Byron

A busy frozen yogurt place on the corner of Jonson and Lawson Street. Sweet Byron sells açaí bowls for $10, look anywhere else in Byron and you’re likely to spend between $12-$15 for one of these trendy bowls of fruity goodness. They also do a wide selection of smoothies, juices and frappes. Oh and if you guess the weight of your frozen yogurt (almost completely impossible), you’ll get it for free! Good luck!



Espressohead was the first café I tried in Byron Bay, a lazy choice as it sat right next door to my hostel BUT also a very good choice. Aside from their breakfast and lunch menu, Espressohead always have a juice, milkshake and cake of the day so check their boards on your travels. Another pro of this place is it’s position, away from the bustle of town and closer to the beach. Having said that, it was still crammed with people (as are all cafes in Byron at breakfast time) so pop by early!

Mokha Café

I did actually visit Mokha twice. Once for a light snack of a latte and a peanut butter-choc chip muffin (WOW) and secondly for their apple and cinnamon pancakes to commiserate my last day in Byron Bay! You can find it on Lawson Street, also open late for dinner usually with a bit of light busker entertainment.


Bella Rosa

Yet another ice cream/smoothie joint in Byron. Here is where I made my own smoothie for $7, which is classed as a small but looked very much like a large to me so decent buy! You can choose as many ingredients as their black board offers. They also do ice cream, milkshakes, fruit salads, yogurts and cakes aplenty!

Love Byron Bay Creperie

Crepes aside (we all love a crepe, this place does them just as good as any other), this little hole-in-the-wall is attached to a chocolate shop and serves up chocolate coated bananas, raw cakes and chunky slabs of rocky road – not just your standard milk, dark or white chocolate but also peanut butter and salted caramel options!

Well I hope you’re as satisfied reading this as I was eating all of these treats. May you and your stomach enjoy the best of Byron Bay!

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1 thought on “The Best of Byron Bay’s Sweet Treats”

  1. You had me at Byron Fresh Cafe’s chocolate almond croissant – I would have gotten my fingers messy eating that piece of heaven!

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