Adjusting to Backpacker Life in Australia

Imagine for a second. You're catching your third bus this week, after just about ramming the zip on your backpack shut in the dim morning light of your hostel dorm. After lugging it 15 minutes up the street to the bus stop, you're finally on board and it'll only take you 8 HOURS to reach… Continue reading Adjusting to Backpacker Life in Australia

I Lived In Hostels For One Whole Year: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

I don't know about you but on the lead up to my departure date for a year of travelling Australia, it wasn't so much the sharks and spiders worrying me - it was the hostels. It was one of those things that people asked me about before I left home and I would reply most… Continue reading I Lived In Hostels For One Whole Year: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

One Year Alone: The Bittersweet Truth to Solo Travel

If I were a good writer who researches her subject well enough, I'd be opening this piece with a stat on how many people travel solo per year, how many of them feel it’s been the greatest experience of their life and how many of them have also experienced first-hand the negative side to it.… Continue reading One Year Alone: The Bittersweet Truth to Solo Travel

Discovering & Dealing with Homesickness

I used to be totally none-the-wiser as to what 'homesickness' actually meant. My brain: 'What, you can actually vomit because you miss home so much?' And now I have started to learn. It's coming up to 4 months since I left home and - with the exception of a few video calls - since I've… Continue reading Discovering & Dealing with Homesickness

2019 Travel Plans: Australia… & Beyond?

I never predicted that 2018 would bring me here, to Australia. I suppose I always knew I would do something like this, I just didn't and couldn't predict when the opportunity would fall at my feet for me to be able to do so. But due to a few factors that I won't bore you… Continue reading 2019 Travel Plans: Australia… & Beyond?

Decisions: Buying a One-Way Ticket to Oz

Life is weird. One minute you're working your 9-5 office job, saving money, spending money, socialising when you can and living most days as a tedious routine of waking up - going to work - eating dinner - going to sleep - aaand Repeat. The next you've booked a one-way flight to Australia, with no… Continue reading Decisions: Buying a One-Way Ticket to Oz

Real Talk: A Review of My 2017

It's less than 1 week from Christmas and what a very bad blogger I have been. Around this time over the last couple of years I have found myself writing a post that looks back on my year, reviews the things I've done and the things I'll hope to do the following year. This is… Continue reading Real Talk: A Review of My 2017