In October 2018, I became one of thousands of backpackers to leave home and jet off to Australia for a year on a Working Holiday Visa. As I made my way up the beeea-uuutiful East Coast, ventured to other corners of this HUGE country and eventually landed a job in the travel industry, I shared (and continue to share) guides and tips on amazing locations, some of the best lessons I learned and my thoughts on all things solo travel/backpacking! Since experiencing it for myself, I’ve become SO passionate about showing others what life-changing opportunities can arise from a Working Holiday in Oz.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of fleeing to Australia for aaaaages or already have your plans in motion, you’ll find heaps of ideas on this page for some of the best places and experiences in the Land Down Under, including my 3 Month East Coast Itinerary and my ‘Too Easy’ Guide to Getting Your Working Holiday Visa!

If you’re considering taking the big leap over to the other side of the world but haven’t quite decided, I also have more posts on my encounter with everything from how I FINALLY made my decision to go, along with posts on different milestones throughout my year in Australia, including my Thoughts On My First Week in Melbourne, right up to the end of my year recalling 20 Positive Things I Experienced in those 12 months.

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Driving the Great Ocean Road is ESSENTIAL during a visit to Melbourne but if you don’t have a car or are a solo traveller looking for some company, jump on a day tour just like this one…


About a 6-hour train ride from Sydney is the gorgeous coastal town of Port Macquarie. Do not leave without taking yourself on the 9km coastal walk. It is stunning and I was stoked to have this post featured on the Port Macquarie Tourism website.


A little further up the coastline lies the town of Coffs Harbour and while it may be just another small town with great beaches, it also has Dorrigo National Park on it’s doorstep, which you can explore on this amazing day tour…


While it’s true I love pretty much EVERYTHING about Byron Bay, one of my favourite things about the town is it’s café culture – and my sweet tooth particularly enjoyed it…


Smaller than Sydney and Melbourne but SO many reasons why Brisbane should be a stop on your Australian travels…


Cairns. Most travellers final stop on the East Coast – an exciting place to end right by the Great Barrier Reef, although for me it was a bit of a rollercoaster. This is a reminder that while traveling is incredible, it can be exhausting too and it’s important to have some down-time.


Fraser Island and The Whitsundays. Two of the top highlights on Australia’s East Coast, but what if you’re tight on time or budget and can’t decide what to do? This is my honest take on both tours and which one I would choose over the other if I was given the choice again…


Planning your East Coast route? The above posts are just a small sample of the places I travelled to. Check out my FULL 3 MONTH ITINERARY – complete with my best tips, lessons learned and a summary of spends…


Written just before I departed Australia, I quizzed myself on remembering some of the best things I was lucky to experience and witness during my year…




Every big journey begins with a big decision…


Considering applying for a working holiday visa in Oz? Too Easy! (As the Aussies would say) – here’s my guide on understanding the visa application process, plus a bunch of other handy tips you’ll need to know!


One week down! My first impressions on Australia and thoughts as I adjusted to being on the other side of the world…


And now ONE MONTH in! I was learning more about Australia and backpacking life, and I was LOVING my time in the coastal town of Port Macquarie…

From the hostels, the people, the weather, the wildlife, costs and emotions – here’s my guide on adjusting to backpacker life in Australia!


Christmas in sunny Australia was faaaaar from what I’m used to at home in the UK. At first I thought I had to find some amazing way to spend my first Christmas away from family, but if you’re not feeling festive – as I discovered I was not – that’s fine too!

New Year 2019 arrived and I was in full planning mode organizing the rest of my time in Australia, as well as looking ahead to more exciting travel outside of Oz…

No sooner had I completed the East Coast in Cairns, I was struck with homesickness for the first time. Interestingly, if you ask most travellers it’s around the similar time (3 months) that they feel it too. It’s natural most will feel it, here’s how I dealt with mine…

MASSIVE MILESTONE! Six months down under and I was temporarily waving goodbye to the ‘holiday’ element of my working holiday as I joined the working world in the travel industry!

Edging closer to the end of my year, I’d experienced a few low moments and felt it was important to share that as amazing as solo travel is, it comes with it’s fair share of downsides too…


One of the biggest aspects of travel I always dreaded was staying in hostels. But after one whole of staying in more than 40 hostels, I’ve become a bit of an expert! Here’s everything you need to know about hostel life…



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