Insta Highlights: Best of Andalusia

This Summer took me on a mini Andalusian adventure as I hopped my way around three stunning Spanish cities: Seville, Cordoba and Granada. There were photo opp's aplenty! So my Instagram was kept happy... One of the first things I did in Seville was visit the Cathedral - complete with an orange tree courtyard (as… Continue reading Insta Highlights: Best of Andalusia

Insta Highlights: Europe

Nothing like a bit of reflecting on your travels around beautiful, colourful, tropical, hot countries.... especially when you're at home in negative temperatures in England, watching the snow fall outside your window, contemplating your next flight out of here. So here goes a little bit of self-torture! I found this old iron fence dotted with… Continue reading Insta Highlights: Europe

In Pictures: Corfu Town, Greece

Last September I jetted off to a quaint island in Greece for 10 days and while I was very quick to post up many photos of gorgeous sea views and beautiful beaches and bays that I visited, I seemed to miss out a whole bunch of photos that I took when visiting Corfu Town. I… Continue reading In Pictures: Corfu Town, Greece