Adjusting to Backpacker Life in Australia

Imagine for a second. You're catching your third bus this week, after just about ramming the zip on your backpack shut in the dim morning light of your hostel dorm. After lugging it 15 minutes up the street to the bus stop, you're finally on board and it'll only take you 8 HOURS to reach… Continue reading Adjusting to Backpacker Life in Australia

Last Day in Australia: 20 Positive Things I’ve Experienced This Year

Ahhhh Australia! You've gone and left me speechless. I've finally reached my very last day in this gigantic land of beaches, rainforests, big red rocks, koalas and pies. And you know how most people like to commemorate these sort of moments on social media with a bunch of snaps captioned with a soppy paragraph? Usually… Continue reading Last Day in Australia: 20 Positive Things I’ve Experienced This Year

Discovering & Dealing with Homesickness

I used to be totally none-the-wiser as to what 'homesickness' actually meant. My brain: 'What, you can actually vomit because you miss home so much?' And now I have started to learn. It's coming up to 4 months since I left home and - with the exception of a few video calls - since I've… Continue reading Discovering & Dealing with Homesickness