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Working with Of Wandering Far

As a growing travel blog, I am on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with like-minded travel companies, websites and brands. Of Wandering Far is about sharing authentic stories and informative location guides, shining the light on all the good that comes from travelling but also not shying away from some of the negative sides to travel.

For more of an idea on the blog’s aim and focus, check out my About page and also head over to my Australia page for a clearer outlook on my most recent writing.


Who writes Of Wandering Far?

That would be me, Lucy. Hello! I’m based in Oxfordshire, England and have been writing the blog seriously since September 2018 – just before embarking on my big, year-long solo trip in and around Australia. Now I’m home – between working and enjoying long countryside walks – my aim is to produce even more content for the blog and plan some exciting new travels around Europe for 2020!

Who reads Of Wandering Far?

The majority of my readers come from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Many of them are like-minded travellers or those seeking to take a career break and opt for a working holiday or an extended trip abroad. A lot of my writing covers the topic of solo travel therefore also draws in some attention from fellow solo travellers comparing notes on their adventures!

How can we work together?

There’s a bunch of ways we could work together, including some of the below however I’m always happy to discuss all things travel and listen to any ideas you may have on how I could potentially contribute to your company, service or brand!

» Content creation

» Social Media posts

» Product/Service reviews

» Brand ambassadorship

» Guest posts

» Collaborations

If you are interested or have any questions, please reach out to me at or fill in the form below. Thanks!